BaKblade’s “BIGMOUTH” Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver

Bakblades back hair shaver for menNot something all men like to share, the fact that under their clothes they resemble one of three. Robin Williams, Big foot and a Werewolf. Nor do they want to take their natural sweaters to get it professional shaven or waxed (Whaaaaa? Ouch!) and here we are with an awesome back shaver that you can order discreetly online and have it delivered in a discreet box--You'd rather neighbors think adult themed items were being delivered than a back shaver. ๐Ÿ™‚

Many men feel insecure about their fuzzy back coats and will go to extreme measures to avoid being outed by the hairiness to the point of wearing a t-shirt with their bathing suit while they swim or only wearing darker suits that are not see though and lastly letting the hair effect their romantic life. Let's end this insecurity today because you will be have to learn that their is a back shaver for men that does what it allow you to shave your back by yourself and actually get a smooth shave.

Bakblade's "BIGMOUTH" do it yourself back hair shaver shaves exceptionally well and with ease and comfort. A lot of consumers have gleefully stated that using this back shaver it only took them 15 minutes and without having innate gymnastic abilities.

What's to love about this top rated back shaver for men?


  • It has a pending patent that is designed to be a safety blade that will greatly reduce the risk of cutting
  • 4" inch blade with a no shaver cream required (I highly recommend the cream if you're using other brands!) And has an ergonomic design which is extremely important when shaving hair in an awkward to reach area like YOUR BACK. This blade is also lightweight.
  • Fully-extendable reach

Tips & Tricks

This shaver can be used in or out of the shower (in shower highly recommended to avoid the hairy mess on the bathroom floor) you will want to invest in a good shower mirror to get each and every spot.

Always, ALWAYS use great quality shaving creams or gels and stay away from the regular bar soaps. When you have back hair it is safe to say the hair is thick and if you are lathering your back hair up with regular soap you will experience some painful tugging of the hairs. The creams and gels will alleviate this painful experience. So USE quality products!

Exfoliate! This is important to remove the yucky dead skin cells they everybody develops and this will ensure you get the best shave possible.

*Important: If this is your first time shaving your own back do make sure to check for moles that may have gone unnoticed under that natural sweater of yours. You will NOT want to discover these mystery moles mid-shave.

Commonly asked questions of Bakblade's back shaver

Q - How many blades does this shaver come with?

A - Just one and it will give you an average of 4-5 shaves. I suggest pre-ordering extra blades after you try the shaver out one time. Make sure not to leave in a wet surface area like the shower because rust will develop and shorten the lifespan of your blade and for the love god do NOT use the blade if you notice rusting. Ouch!

Q - Can it be used on my ummm, sitter?

A - Yes. Just be careful because that is a sensitive area where you can develop ingrown hairs if not careful but wherever hair grows this shaver can shave.

Q - If you rub against the grain after shaving will you feel back stubble?

A - There seems to be a unanimous result to this shaver and that there will be NO stubble felt after shaving.

Q - Is it better to dry shave or wet?

A - For most back shavers it has been wet shaving, as mentioned in my tips and tricks section I think high quality creams will work great, however, the general consensus for this exact product in particular seems to be dry shaving is the way to go and it will result in the closest shave possible.


My final thoughts:

Get out your swim trunks and ditch the obviously hiding something t-shirts and hop in the pool with your newly smooth backs. This product is definitely a game changer for a lot of men and a lot of wives who will know longer have to shave their husbands back (unless they felt it was quality time, ahhh how sweet:-) ) and can enjoy seeing their husbands build back their confidence!

You will enjoy this back shaver!

Last Updated:6/11/2017

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