Battle of the hairs. Manual Razors VS Electric Shavers

The battle of the shavers: Razors vs electric shavers..Are you teetering between using a manual razor or an electric shaver? You're not alone as there are plenty of men like yourself that aren't sure which path to take. Deciding on which two to go for is almost like deciding on a push mower or a riding mower.

A push mower can get into tighter corners of your lawn much like a manual razor can cut more closely to the base of your skin. However, a riding mower is faster and more efficient like an electric shaver. Let's break it down a bit for ya to guide you at that fork in the road.

Got Burns?

Manual razors do provide the best close shave possible, but with that close shave comes a price. Your face pays that debt and then some, including, razor burn, skin redness, nicks and cuts.

I mean, I can understand wanting that smooth finish, however, having my face look like I just got attacked by my cat when he heard the bath water running doesn't seem worth it (I don't normally bathe cats, but my toddler spilled glue on Max's fur and he didn't care for the bath and took it out on me).

Got Money?

If you're wanting a faster and more efficient way to plow through that forest of yours then you have to have the funds to back up the initial cost, but don't let the upfront initial cost deter you from going #TeamElectric, because even though manual razors seem cheaper at first the cost does add up throughout the year costing the same if not more than an electric shaver.

Got Time?

The thing that keeps people buying electric shaver's is the convenience factor. You can't manual shave while sitting in morning traffic because you need all the essentials: shaving cream, water, preshave, and aftershave.

You can sit in morning traffic shaving with your electric shaver. If you're running late for work and look like a haggard mess with an important meeting planned alongside an unforgiving boss, a manual shaver will not be your friend.

The Secret to a Close Shave with an Electric Shaver

Let's go back to the lawn mowing analogy, if you don't mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ever mowed your lawn right after it rained? You didn't have time to wait for the grass to dry so you went for it knowing damn well what would happen to your lawn.

You get left with rows and rows of mushy grass lines. Not those sleek, sexy rows you see on lawn and garden magazines--yours looks like crap and not only does it reduce the aesthetic appeal it once had but the under carriage of your mower is all gunked up. This can also apply to your face when using an electric shaver. Your face makes up its own natural oils and these natural oils can behave in the same manner as that wet grass does.

Instead of your shaver going over the hairs lifting them up in one fell swoop it has to muddle through all of that greasy oil, so wash your face with a pre-shave, which will then cause the hairs on your face to pop up like it was doing a military drill.

Which One is More User Friendly

I'd say an electric shaver is much easier to use, simply because it doesn't need a line up of accessories like creams, gels and water. You turn it on and go. Not only is the initial process easier but some of the best electric shaver's if not all come with an ergonomic grip. Useful when wet shaving.

One imperfection or several...which do you prefer?

Okay, I hear it all the time, in fact, I've mentioned it myself a few times in this article alone. Electric shavers don't shave as close as manuals, however, is that one set back enough to stay with the razor that tears your face up?

Let's put these shavers in the ring for them to battle out who has the most imperfections.

Electric Shaver Imperfections

  1. Doesn't give as close enough shave like a manual razor does.
  2. The Cost

Hmmm, just two imperfections for the Electric Shavers

Manual Razor Imperfections

  1. Razor burn
  2. Nicks & Cuts
  3. Skin redness
  4. Itchiness
  5. Leaves you with tiny pieces of tissue on your face to stop the bleeding
  6. You spend the same amount over time on disposables as you do on the initial purchase of a pricey electric shaver.
  7. You can't dry shave--ouch!
  8. You need a buttload of accessories--no shaving on-the-go. ๐Ÿ™


It's really a no-brainer that the best option is an electric shaver. I'd rather feel a little peach fuzz on my face than to walk around feeling itchy and burned. I mean, yeah, If I have a special occasion coming up where I want the baby smooth feel then I will take the extra time out for the preparation that's involved with manual shaving.

Other than those special occasions, I will stick to my electric shavers no muss no fuss attitude. I can shave while jamming to some music in rush hour traffic if I accidentally hit the snooze button too many times leaving me no time to linger over my bathroom sink shaving.

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Last Updated:6/11/2017

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