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Last Updated: 1/3/2017
Is Braun trying to send us a sublimal message? Because what I'm gathering from the new 9 series is "don't mess with us because you're wasting your time," which of course is not entirely directed at "us" but more for the competitors. I'm impressed with the Braun 9090 for many reasons, one being the fact that now instead of three cutting elements we now get FOUR.

Now don't you start to feel bad for the 7 series because without the 7 the 9 series wouldn't be here today because they work off each others backs to produce the "next best" shaver. Think of Braun like a 4 tier cake where each layer helps the next layer stay balanced and look great and taste great (the toppings 'series 9' always taste the best).

The 3 series was their base ( I know series one was their base but I'm not reviewing that one) where it starts with it's three triple action free float & action system and they were using the sensofoil cutting system, then the next layer, the 5 series ditched the sensofoil for a more comfortable option the OptiFoil by using a more hypoallergenic material.

The third layer being the 7 series where it introduced us to the intelligent pulsonic technology and a 3 personalized settings mode. Finally, the fourth layer already aforementioned is the final topping.


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Braun series 7

braun series 7 790cc reviewWe all know that series 7 has had their fighting title replaced with the 9 series but don't count 7 series a "has-been" think Rocky Balboa v. Apollo Creed. Rocky became the new heavy weight champion but in the ring Apollo still made Rocky earn the right to keep it. The 7 series still rocks the intelligent sonic technology giving an impressive shave with its 10,000 micro vibrations--destroying more hairs with less strokes.

If you want the same bite for less money check out the 7 series.


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Braun series 5

braun series 5 reviewThe 5 series comes with both precision and power with its flexible cutting elements it can handle the long hairs without making your skin pay the price for it. It utilizes its FlexMotion Tec to achieve more contact with your skins problem areas with 20% more power without having to put too much pressure on your face--equals less skin irritation-yay!


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Braun series 3

braun series 3 reviewSometimes having the best of the best is great, but when you're on a budget and still want to rock that smooth shaven Bradley Cooper look (Night of the Oscar's) or the post Oscar's look with the short goatee (the wife made me add this) you're going still want a shaver that shave's well and won't leave you looking all red and nicked. The series 3 does that--The three triple action floating head rocks this shaver into the permanent "will forever be a great shaver" realm.


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