Braun 3 Series Review –Not Bad For The Price

Read our Braun series 3 340s review and see what kind of ratings this foil shaver got
Last updated: 1/3/2017

Nothing feels better than walking around with a smooth, comfortable shave knowing that you didn't spend upwards of $150.00-$350.00--I mean, we are talking about cutting hair, yes HAIR! It's not like you're getting laser hair removal you are just shaving ugly little hairs, so why are you spending so much?


Keep on reading our Braun series 3 review and then you decide...

Braun 3 series 340S-4 comes to mind when I think of saving money without skimping on my shave. I want to look and feel like I'm going to the Oscar's and had a whole team of experts turning this sad face of mine into a Bradley Cooper clone. On top of that, when you're talking about one of Braun's least popular models they still work better than most other manufacturer's top models--but cheaper.

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This shaver is ideal if you sport a short beard/goatee and can even get a good shave after 2-3 days, but if you have a thicker beard then try to keep it a daily shave, anything past the first day may be difficult--best for stubble when your hair is thick.

Before OptiFoil the Braun 3 series had been using SensoFoil. There's really only a slight difference in the way they both shave in terms of closeness. The OptiFoil can get more skin deep but if that's not an issue for you the SensoFoil will work great.


Top Braun Series 3 Questions and Answers

  • Can females use this shaver, too?

We have a review on ladies shavers that you can find (best electric shaver for women) here, but if you're still not happy with those selections, which I can fully understand because it seems that the quality on lady shavers completely takes a halt at mid-quality range, if that.

To go back to your question, yes, the Braun 3 series will work great on your legs, underarms. Also, cutting the knee and ankle area seems to be a common problem when ladies shave their legs and I can assure you that you won't find that problem using this shaver.

  • Can I use in the shower and or with soaps/gels?

Yes, this shaver is a wet/dry and can be used with any foams or gels.

  • What is the cleaning process?

Simple. You just need to pop the head off and rinse under running water and this shaver also comes with a small brush to rid access hair debris. Some consumers recommend using oil on the heads after every 5th shave or so.

  • What is the battery life?

After a full one hour charge you can receive 50 minutes of shaving time and there is a 5 minute quick charge for back up, which is enough time for one shave.

  • Can I shave my whole head with this shaver?

You can and men do use this shaver for their head but if your hair is thick you will have to trim a lot down and it won't be as smooth of a shave. If you're interested in a shaver designed for the sole purpose of shaving your head I have a review on skull shavers (Best electric head shaver )

  • How is this shaver on sensitive skin?

I don't think Braun makes one single shaver that doesn't work great on sensitive skin. Their CoolTec shaver, especially, works amazing, but pretty much all Braun shavers are ideal if you're sick of skin irritation. Go for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

My Final Verdict

This shaver may not be their newest and greatest but I like it! It shaves good, gives a comfortable shave and is ergonomic--most importantly is the savings. If you don't have the extra funds and want the top quality shave that Braun products provide then this is a terrific option.


Braun 3 series 340S-4


Close Shave


Battery Life


Overall Design



  • Close Shave
  • Easy to clean
  • Shave Wet/dry
  • Affordable
  • Quite


  • Not great on thick hair growth

Last Updated:6/11/2017

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