Braun 7 Series 790cc Review – Why Most Men Would Agree..

braun series 7 790cc review
Last Updated: 1/3/2017
A "has-been" before it's prime, the series 7 790cc has become Braun's second best foil shaver quickly with the launching of their newest series 9 variations. Is that a fair victory for the series 9?


...Read our inclusive Braun series 7 790cc review and you be the judge.

Is The Braun Series 7 790cc Still The Best Choice in Value?

The 790cc has a lot more to offer consumers and it seems to be losing its chance to prove this when everyone wants the "newest" innovative shaver out on the market.

I will admit the series 9 has a lot to offer now that it uses a much stronger motor and comes with 4 specialized cutting elements instead of the three that the 7 series has, but is the cost difference worth it? I wouldn't think so.

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We are talking a difference of over $100.00 for a shaver with an extra cutting element and the choice to wet shave, moreover, if you really want to wet shave for a few bucks more you can get the Braun series 7 799cc that offers you the wet shave option.

I don't want this article to be focused on "why you shouldn't get the 9 series," but more of don't turn your nose up to the 7 series because a newer arrival is being showcased. The "grass isn't always greener on the other side" comes to mind when I think about the total 180 that happened to the 7 series.

Now don't see me as a 7 series advocate, because that is the total opposite but I'm more of a money saving advocate, ha. For instance, my car is almost a decade old and runs great and has been completely paid off for 6 years now. I can't tell you how many people have said "Why don't you get a new car, already, you've been driving that thing for nearly 10 years?"

Hmmm, because I enjoy not having a $300-$400.00 monthly car payment and my car runs great because I stay on top of it's maintenance. Also, once you name your car it's hard to get rid of--Yes my car is named Percy. I love the newer models that are coming out and they are most certainly more innovative than the older model I have but if my car is still doing its job and doing it very well I might add, why toss it and spend so much more money to have the "next best thing"? My decision was purely a sensible one. Coming from someone with a Mortgage and three growing (fridge ransackers) kids.


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Top Braun Series 7 Questions & Answers

What's the difference between the 7 series and the 9 series?

Well, the 9 series embodies a much faster motor, which is fantastic, however, it is much more noisier than the 7 series because of this.

Another difference is that the 9 series has 4 specialized cutting elements 1. Hyper Cut & Lift trimmer (manages flat-lying hairs) 2. Direct & Cut trimmer 3. Opti Foil (split into two components to handle the shortest of stubble)

  • How efficient is this shaver on fast, thick growing hair?

It works pretty good on many, if not all, hair types but do try and avoid going more than three days in between shaves.

  • If you have sensitive skin, which is better, the 790cc or CoolTec?

Honestly, they both work very well with those with sensitive skin. I will say that with the CoolTec having an aluminum cooling bar integrated within it's shaver head leads me more towards the CoolTec. I say this because while you are shaving, the cooling bar reduces the temperature of your skin giving it a cooling relief effect. The 790cc is great for sensitive skin but without the the cooling feature.

To sum my answer down a bit. They both work great on sensitive skin but one has a "cool feature," as opposed to just being an all around comfortable shaver. You won't be disappointed whichever way you choose to go with.

  • Can you decide how close of a shave you get?

Yes, the 790cc model comes with a three personalized settings mode. You can opt for a more intense shave or start off with an extra sensitive shave, and play around with the settings until you find the one that is most comfortable for you.


Try not to disregard a truly wonderful shaver just because a newer model came along offering you just about the same but cost you more. The 7 series is here to stay for a long time because it gives a comfortable, close shave with a timeless exterior.


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Braun Series 7 790cc




Close Shave


Battery Life



  • Very close shave
  • Easy to clean
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Good Value
  • Quite


  • Not a Wet/Dry shaver
  • 3 Cutting elements

Last Updated:6/11/2017

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