Braun 9 series 9095 — Premium Shaver With A High Price Tag

Braun series 9 9095 review and ratings

For a few years now electric shavers have had to hear over and over again how you can't achieve the same close shave as you would using a traditional razor (manual) that is all about to change, NOW!


The Braun team has been secretly working in their labs creating their finest shaver (Best electric shaver) ever the 9095cc delivering an impressive 40,000 cross cutting actions per minute. The 9 series also comes with an extra cutting element giving them a total of 4 cutting components. How can you not get an amazing shave with that much bark behind its bite--gentle bite that is--Braun shavers are irritation free. Keep reading our Braun series 9 9095 review to learn more.

It's cutting elements are so flexible that it pretty much coddles the contours of your face cutting both short hairs and long. The HyperLift & DirectLift cut trimmers can handle every single flat-lying hair that obnoxiously rest on your skin--take that, suckers!

Why The Braun Series 9095 isn't Worth The Price...

There is one major concern and that would be its crazy price. Almost reaching the $500.00 mark this shaver is pretty expensive, but maaaaybe you can find a kick butt deal online. That price is insane. Now unless that shaver comes out with a cool barber's pole and barber's chair I recommend you saving a couple hundred and opting for their 9090cc or Braun 9093s models.

I'll explain their minor differences down below but for right now I will say the major difference is the cost--hellava lot cheaper. I mean, yeah, this shaver is worth the price, so don't get me wrong, if you have it like that then go buy this shaver you will not be disappointed.

What's The Difference between the 9095cc & 9090cc?

The Braun 9095cc is both wet/dry and you can't shave while it's corded. I guess you're paying a lot extra for the 9095cc corded feature but paying less for the 9090cc that has the wet/dry feature...I'm a little perplexed on that one.

What's The Difference between the 9095cc & 9093s?

There are more differences between these two shavers than the previous shaver I compared. The 9093s doesn't come with a cleaning/charging station and you can't shave corded. Also, before I forget and this also applies to the 9090cc, both 9093s and the 9090cc come with automatic voltage adaptation, which the 9095cc does not.

I've got to hand it to Braun, they do mean business when it comes to their cleaning stations. I mean, talk about a spa treatment for your shavers. I'm kind of jealous because the closest thing I get to a spa treatment is if I remember to buy that crest with scope toothpaste.

With the cleaning station on the 9 series all you need to do is press a button then bam! It will clean, charge and frigging lubricate--all while being the only shaver that uses alcohol based solution eliminating 99.999% of bacteria and germs.

Okay the more I write about this shaver the more I'm understanding the cost factor, but I still can't rationalize spending upwards of a half a grand on a shaver.


Q & A

What’s the difference between the 9095 & 9090?

Right off the bat -- it cost a lot of money. The biggest difference is the 9093 series doesn't have a cleaning station. Not a bad savings and something to part with in my opinion.

  • Does this shaver meet my "travel buddy" standards?

I don't know what your standards are, but I can tell you that this shave comes with a premium travel pouch (yes, not just a protective pouch, but a preeeemium pouch. Picture me saying that with my pinkie in the air 🙂 . )

Also you will not need to bring your charging station because it can also charge directly into the shaver itself. Awesome. Let's not forget about the travel lock indicator because it's got one of those, too, yeah I admit this shaver rocks.

Unfortunately, that is all for the Q & A section for this shaver, it's just too new and consumers haven't had enough time to see what this baby can do and many people are waiting until the price creeps down a bit before inquiring about it.

However, as soon as this shaver is more well known and customers have had a chance to learn the pros and cons I will update this review.


I think it's fair to say that this shaver is the only electric shaver in the market that can compete with the "closest shave award" when fighting against manual razors. It oozes with that luxury feeling. You could somehow picture yourself shaving with your feet kicked up in the oval office. <----Totally kidding about that one. 😉

I'm still trying to figure out a way to justify spending that much on a shaver, yeah this shaver is the best of the best but daaaaaamn...that's a months worth of groceries to remove hair stubble.

The final outcome is in your hands. I've told you how great I think this shaver is but it's your wallet and your finances, so good luck with whatever choice you make.


Braun 9 series 9095


Overall Design


Close Shave


Battery Life



  • Shave Wet or Dry
  • 4 Cutting Blades
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Thick Beard Ready
  • Quite


  • Expensive -- Time to get a loan for this one!
  • Did I mention the cost??

Last Updated:6/11/2017

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