Braun Series 5 5090 Series Electric Shaver Review

Braun Series 5 electric shaver review

Attention all every day shavers if you've been a seasoned shaver you will love the Braun 5 5090 series review. This shaver gives you an incredibly close shave and also shaves your face with ease if you've missed a day or two without you having to succumb to the dire fate of hair tugging and burning skin irritation.


What's to like about Braun series 5?

Most shavers always seem to have two separate trajectories one being the corner of the bathroom closet mixed in with the wife's stack of "be wrinkle free in 30 days" bottles of cream or the second being center stage of your counter sink.  Which trajectory do you think I feel this Braun 5 5090 belongs? Certainly not with the fountain of youth display. This shaver works amazing especially with its flex motion technology giving the user an enjoyable experience without having to provide too much pressure on his face which is one of the many leading factors of what causes skin irritation.

In order to get the best shave possible with the 5090 model you must make sure to shave your face before you get it wet. Once your face becomes moist from soaps and water it can hinder the natural flow of the shaver reducing its smooth glide effect that results in a close shave. If you shave with your face damp you will still get a terrific shave but the chances of a smoother shave increases greatly if done dry.

The new powerdrive gives 20 percent more power in its motor ensuring a great shave even on the most dense beard.

Let me just stop mid way through this article to mention one flaw that may deter many of you from buying this shaver or it could be nothing. A few consumers have complained that the cord is rather short. Not so short that you are confined cheek-to-power outlet but enough to where you can't walk around in circles shaving, but who does that? In all honesty, most top shavers are strictly cordless giving you no option to shave while charging so the fact that you can shave cordless and cord it up when running low on power is an amazing convenience to have. You can't be picky when you have 2 choices to help you start your day right.

Moving on.


Quality Features:

  • The new FlexTecMotion allows the user to shave without too much pressure on their skin giving this shave 3 times more adaptation than any other electric foil shaver
  • The new powerdrive delivers 20 percent extra power for high-speed cutting even for the toughest beards
  • 60 minutes charge time using the powerful and long lasting lithium-ion battery delivering 45 minutes of cordless use.
  • 5 minute quick charge feature along with a battery life indicator providing the user with a.) back up power for emergencies b.) plenty of notice when the battery will crap out
  • OptiFoil captures more hairs for a smooth shave


The cleaning and charging station on this shaver is second to none. This duo station cleans and recharges your shaver simultaneously making it a low maintenance shaver leaving a machine to do all the work with a push of a button. Hey! Spa treatments are not just for the ladies our shavers deserve it for putting up with gunky hair everyday. 🙂

*I'm quite aware shavers do not have feelings.

The duo station also has 4 separate actions working to keep your shaver at its most optimal performance. You are a getting 1.) A lubricator action that keeps the blades running longer and efficiently 2.) Cleans while eliminating 99.999 percent of all germs and bacteria using the only alcohol-based solution better than running tap water over the head 3.) Recharges at its fullest maximum power capacity 4.) Fluid consumption monitored with the awesome intelligent cleaning program option. This totally beats the wife's mani/pedi hands down!


Q - Does this shave come with a travel lock feature?

A - Yes it does. There is a button you hold down for a few moments and trust that it will not turn on accidentally in your suitcase.

Q - I like to trim my sideburns will this purchase come with a trimmer?

A - Yes it does have a trimmer that slides up on the opposite side of the shaver (on the back) and works great on the mustache and beard along with the sideburns.

Q - What is the difference between the 5090 and the 790cc?

A - The 790cc series comes with 3 personal shaving modes extra sensitive, normal and intense. The 5090 has 20 percent increased power in its motor and the cost is much cheaper than the 790cc.

Q - Can you shave your head with this model?

A - Yes you can and in fact, it works great on the skull as the flex motion adheres to the contours of your head and glides smooth and comfortably.

Q - What is the voltage for traveling?

A - This model uses a system called "smart plug" that gives you a range of 100 voltage to 240 voltage for abroad and home use.

The Verdict

I honestly do not see any flaws with this shaver aside from the shortened cord but like I aforementioned the short cord is a bonus to a shaver that can be used cordless when most shavers don't give you an option to shave directly to the power output leaving you up turds creek when you run out of battery. Speaking of battery the lithium-ion battery on this shaver provides a long lasting shave with an option to do a 5 minute quick shave if you're not near an outlet. You will be warned when your battery (and hygiene status) is running low with the Braun 5 5090 model's battery life indicator.

This shaver works great on the dense beards and for men who want the bald head look. The skin irritation will not be an issue so if sensitive skin is a problem you will not have to worry. Move the other shavers away from the counter sink and relocate them to the "be wrinkle free in 30 days" stash because there is a real shaver in town the bathroom that is born to shave and shave great! Enjoy and share this review with your bros or dad and let them know where you learned about your newest shaver.


Braun Series 5 5090 CC


Overall Design


Close Shave


Battery Life



  • Cleaning System
  • Close Shave
  • Decent Battery


  • Can't shave while charging
  • Pricey

Last Updated:6/11/2017

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