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Let's face it people, more and more men are now wanting to sport the Vin Diesel look and not just because he makes it look cool, but many (I'm about to let the cat out of the bag...tell the ladies to turn their heads from this screen) if not a great portion of the "free the skull from hair" fanatics have one thing in common...they shave their heads because it makes the sign of balding less noticeable--gasp!!!! Oh no, he said it. So why not get a shaver that will not only shave your skull, but was designed too?

Even when a shaver says "it can do it all" you still want a shaver that succeeds in the main purpose you're after. Most electric shavers are designed to give your face the most comfortable shave possible while leaving it feeling nice and smooth, but what if you want to just shave your head? Why buy a face shaver when you need a head shaver? Below are some of the best shavers aimed to the hairless community. Read on.

Introducing: Skullshaver Bald Eagle Smart Electric Head Shaver

Skullshaver -- the best electric head shaver on the market today!Picture this, it's a hot summers day and you pull out your handkerchief (if men still use these), or whatever moisture absorbent thing you have handy and you rub it over your sweaty bald head all around until all the sweat was removed--pretty easy, right? Well, imagine if you can do that exact same easy hand motion over your head while <strong>shaving???</strong> Yeah, instead of having to hold a facial shaver in an awkward, wrist turning acrobatic move you can easily hold on to a little handle held shaver. No frigging way! Yes way.

The Skull shaver bald eagle smart comes in a convenient handheld designed for the palm of your hand making it easier to reach all of the heard to manage areas of your head--plus you can use it on your face, Bamn!


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Last Updated: 1/3/2017

Why Bald Eagle Smart is Rated Best Electric Head Shaver

Skullshaver -- the best electric head shaver on the market today!

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