Why Bald Eagle Smart is Rated Best Electric Head Shaver

Best electric head shaver of 2015: SkullShaver


Have you ever tried using a make shift funnel out of paper to put oil in your car because you were too cheap to buy a plastic funnel? Sucks doesn't it? The paper gets all soft and starts to flop over spilling oil everywhere. Paper is great when you use it for it's main purpose--you know, to write on! Why can't this logic apply to electric shavers? Using something that is meant for the exact purpose you're aiming for. You want your head bald then you should be able to shave your head with ease and with a shaver meant for your damn skull!

When Skull Shaver came along a sudden sigh of relief took over the bald community as they realized they may never have to shimmy while shaving their heads, ever! The Skull Shaver bald eagle smart is a handheld shaver that fits the palm of your hand like it was just meant for your hand-to-head. It does work great on your face and neck but it works amazing on your head.

You can shave with a cord or without as it doesn't really matter, as up to this point I'm sure you're just happy having a handheld that the frills of having a cordless option don't mean jack to ya.




It takes a full 2.5 hours to charge this bad boy up and with that you get 90 minutes worth of shaving time, yeppers, you read right n-i-n-t-e-y damn minutes.

Q & A

Is the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle smart a wet/dry shaver?

Yes, but don't use in the shower and or use foam gels as the performance of the shaver can diminish from any sticky buildup and from what I've read, there is only a one year warranty.

  • How do you hold this shaver?

It's pretty much a forehand grip shaver, you place two fingers comfortably on the open slots made for your fingers to rest and the rest is all up to you as you can move up, down, or in circular motions.

  • Does it have special contours like regular shavers?

It does mold to the contours of your skull (or face because you can shave your face with it, too) using its 5 separate flex actions and thin heads that basically snuggles on to the outlining of your skull and yes, I know I said "snuggles" please don't think any less of me.


Maintenance is not the word for it. I would prefer to say "did I even clean it because it felt too easy," routine. You just rinse it under warm water. That's it, no soaps, no pricey solutions, no dismantling of breakable parts that always slip on to the floor. Just rinse under warm water. Bamn!


Basically it all boils down to the little shavers scripture it was designed for a skull, it knows the skull it will make the skull look and feel special. I'm pretty corny but damn, this shaver rocks on a Vin Diesel wannabe. Or that dude that just does not want to admit he's 40 years old.


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