Effective Electric Shaving Tips for Sensitive Skin

Braun series 9 electric shaver review

Not too many men like to shout from the roof tops that they have sensitive skin because well it sounds sensitive. Babies and women have delicate skin not strong, almighty protectors and the alpha males of society. But they do. Doesn't make you any less of a man it just means your face and the razor are not the most compatible in regards to daily upkeep of your face. What's even worst about shaving when suffering from sensitive skin is you have two choices a.) grow out a beard covering up the dimples the ladies swoon over or b.) deal with the dry, itchy skin and looking like an adolescent boy learning how to use his dads shavers.

This doesn't have to be a permanent fate of yours as you just need to find the right kind and best electric shaver for your skin type and nobody will ever have to know you have sensitive skin (even though it is not a big deal) as you can just order online and select incognito packaging and all is great in the world.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to share with you one of the best electric foil shaver and the best rotary shaver for those with sensitive skin and say goodbye to that beard or scarred up face of yours.

BRAUN 7 Series 799CC

You're really going to like this electric shaver for many reasons but mostly because it has three separate settings to adjust to your skins comfort level. This can be good for two reasons. One being if your skin isn't too sensitive you can opt for the normal setting and stay clear of the more intense setting. Number two reason is again, the three separate settings, which means the box will not read "for men with sensitive skin" because you could tell the nosy cashier you like the shaver for the intense shaving option. Yep! Fibbing is not bad when it's just to walk with your head held high as long as you're not hurting anyone--especially not your skin.

This shaver is also a wet/dry razor. It uses 10,000 mini micro vibrations all thanks to the intelligent sonic technology it encompasses. This technology will eliminate godforsaken pesky hairs that have no reason for existence but to cause you to go mentally batty every morning for 15 minutes. They remind me of love bugs in Florida--unnecessary and just put on earth to eat the paint off of cars.

Along with destroying the flat-lying hairs the shaver also uses ActiveLift that will work together with the intelligent sonic technology to give you a shaving experience you deserve. Want more? Okay, the shaver has a pivoting head that grips onto (not tightly) the contours of your skin sucking up all the hairs without causing you to do a once, twice, three-times overs on the same spot causing razor burn.

Even though this is a wet/dry shaver a lot men that bought this shaver said they got an increased positive experience when applying a pre-shave liquid but you don't need one in order to get a great shave but it helps.

Here's the finale. You will not have to worry if you miss a day or two. Even with sensitive skin you will not succumb to a dire fate of nicks and cuts from forgetting your shaver when you stayed at your girls place two nights in a row. Shave on and be well. I will tell you one thing, though. If you do miss a couple of days you will have to spend a little bit longer in the grooming pad the longer the hair the longer it takes to shave. No biggie.

Philips Norelco 1250x SensoTouch 3D

There is no correlation between the word sensitive and Philips product SensoTouch but the names are pretty tied together to give you an "it's meant to be" type of feeling when shopping for a great shaver. This shaver is for those that like using a rotary instead of a foil shaver.

The GyroFlex 3D contouring system makes for a very flexible shaver with three separate parts working independently to give you a kick butt shaving experience without slashing you up. You will not have to put too much pressure on your skin to achieve the desired smoothness which is usually the number one cause of skin irritation and burns.

The GyroFlex works interchangeably with its partner in crime, the Ultra-track, there are three special tracks that will eliminate the need to trim your beard and mustache before beginning the shaving process. Time management is one of this shavers many goals when trying to be the best shaver in your bathroom drawer.

The SuperLift&Cut feature will defend your skin against flat-lying hairs and will do this without damaging your skin. Normally in order to rid your skin of flat-lying hairs one must go over and over their face like a vacuum cleaner, but since your face isn't made of carpet fibers that are resilient and more of sensitive flesh that needs to not look like Edward Scissorhands became the only barber in town then you will enjoy the SuperLift&Cut system hands down.

You can have the option of dry/wet shaving without using a pre-shave liquid but as mentioned with the Braun 7 series 799cc many consumers just found that it only improves their shaving experience and without the pre-shave you're still getting a terrific shave.

Now there are plenty of other options in electric shavers that are great for sensitive skin and you can discover more of those searching through our site I just wanted to narrow it down to one of each and I hope we were able to make this search a lot more easier on you.

Last Updated:6/11/2017

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