Best Electric Shaver’s for Black Men Explained

The best electric shaver for black men goes to: Bruan Series 7 and the runner up is wahl..

When choosing an electric shaver you've got to remember that each person has their own specific needs. Here we will be talking about electric shaver's that will work best for black men.

Black men have softer skin, which means it's more sensitive. Their hair is curly and grows out thicker making black men more prone to ingrown hairs--not fair and not fun. We're here to help the best we can.

Here I have two of what I feel are the best options.

#1 The Braun series 7 799cc Electric Shaver

Skin Irratation

When you are aiming for a shaver that is best for sensitive skin I can't help but think of Braun and not just Braun but their 7 series 790cc model. This shaver doesn't give you skin irritation or leave you with razor burns. It's Active Lift technology cuts curly hairs effortlessly preventing ingrown hairs from ever happening and without having to shave over the same spot over, and over, and over again--the leading cause of skin irritants. Let's shave a little deeper into how this works, shall we?

You see the active lift works as a hair transporter, if you will, a hair car, ha. It lifts the flat-lying or in this case the curly hairs and takes them for a ride over to the OptiFoil hair garage (Get it? Car garage/hair garage? Okay I'll stop) where you will find holes and slots where these hairs will get destroyed leaving your face nice and smooth.
On top of all that coolness we have 3 personalized settings on this here 7 series 790cc. The three modes are extra sensitive, normal and intense. You will want to choose extra sensitive just to experiment a little before trying the normal or intense mode.


Next up... and probably the number one choice

#2 The Wahl Professional 8061 Electric Shaver

Bump Free Shave?

This has got to be the best choice, why? Because it's advertised as being "bump free" a number one problem that black men face. Not too many electric shavers directly say "bump free" as one of their product descriptions. To top it off it has a hypoallergenic coating on the foil which is the number one way to reduce skin irritation.

However, I must point out that you may have to trim your hair before using this shaver as it seems to work the best on short hairs.


Q & A

Best Shavers for Black Men Q&A?

  • Is this shaver good for shaving your whole head?

Here's the thing when shaving your head, you can do it but if you shave against the grain be prepared with some moisturizer like corticosteriod cream (cortisone 10) to help reduce any redness or swelling (dry out the bumps) that may occur especially if you know your skin is sensitive beforehand. Now if your shaving with the grain no need to stock pile the cream.

  • Is this a wet/dry shaver?

No, sorry it's just for dry shaving.

  • I don't want a close shave?

Of course you can, just make sure you don't apply too much pressure, basically shave as light as you can.

  • What's the difference between the Wahl 8061 vs' Wahl 8547

Pretty much the only difference I can tell is that the model 8547 has a stand up charger and the 8061 does not.

  • Can I run it under my faucet to clean out the hair debris?

I wouldn't recommend it, in fact, I learned a cool simple trick ...simply find your wife's toothbrush (kidding...please don't, ha), simply find an old toothbrush that nobody uses anymore and brush off the access hair this way.


What's my Final Say...

There you have it. The best two options for the black male community. If you don't mind me saying...the Wahl 8061 seems to be the number one choice as it's designed specifically to prevent razor bumps caused by ingrown hairs. I hope this review has helped if not guided you all in the right direction.


Last Updated:6/11/2017

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