What’s the best electric shaver for women review

The best electric shaver for women has arrived: The Panasonic ES2207P shaver review

As I researched this topic I'm realizing something. There really isn't a great variety of electric shavers for women that even come close to what the best men's electric shavers have to offer. Why is that? Women have plenty of real estate to cover, such as, legs, armpits, bikini area, that you would think much more emphasis would go into creating a kick ass shaver for them--from what I've been reading some ladies even shave their faces because it exfoliates the older layer of skin to diminish the appearance of wrinkles--did not know this, ha!

Us dudes just shave our face, neck and maaaybe do a little bit of manscaping.

Alas, there were some slim pickings if you ask me, but I've finally found a couple shavers that the ladies will like. Let them check this article out.

Why The PANASONIC ES2207P Is The Best Electric Shaver For Women

(Close Curves)

This shaver has a 3-blade cutting system (cordless) that can be used both wet or dry and comes with a convenient pop-up trimmer for those bikini lines. The shaver head works as a floating system that conforms comfortably to the contours of your legs, arms and wherever else you want to shave--including your face that I recently discovered. ๐Ÿ™‚

What's even better about the blade system is the hypoallergenic material that were used--I mean, ladies can't possibly walk around in skirts with their legs all covered in skin irritation. (Not saying that the men even care about that but we just want you more comfortable ๐Ÿ˜‰ --Just saying)

Good news! You can use this shaver dry or in the shower all lathered up in those yummy smelling lotions you spend a fortune on. It can also be fully submerged in water if you want a quick clean up--once you clean it just let it dry.

P.S Comes with a travelers pouch.

Q & A

Panasonic ES2207P Top Questions & Answers

  • Does it shave better on wet legs or dry?

From what my research tells me is that it's a 50/50. Some say it gives them a closer shave when dry and others beg to differ and prefer wet shaved legs. My guess for you is to perform a "trial and error" sort of type test.

  • How long do I charge it for and what do I get in return as far as shave time?

The battery info is a lot different than it is on a man's shaver, but here goes...You need to charge this shaver for a FULL 12 hours. Holy crap, Batman! Yes, 12 hours and with that efficient charge (I'm being snarky there) you get 10 shaves which then breaks it down to 3 minutes per 1 shave approx. 30 minutes total.

  • Does it work well on the bikini area?

Obviously I'm not speaking from experience, ha, but from what other ladies have said it is a life saver because traditional disposables leave quite a few red bumps and more irritation "down there" and who needs that? I certainly can't picture a chic on the beach scratching down there? So I'm glad there is another option for you ladies out there. ๐Ÿ™‚

*Bonus Tip

- If you have sensitive skin use it with some coconut oil but make sure to rinse it thoroughly so it doesn't clog.


Next up...

Eh-hem, Panasonic again

PANASONIC ES2216 (Close Curves)

This Panasonic shaver is also a 3-blade cutting system (cordless) that can be used wet or dry and comes with a pop-up trimmer plus a bikini attachment. The 4 floating pivoting head delivers a close shave while following the contours of your legs, and those easily nicked knees of yours, meanwhile it's hypoallergenic foil/blades gives you a shave with less irritation.

Just like the previous shaver you will get the best shower experience if you use this shaver in conjunction to your favorite smelling lathering soaps (just make sure to rinse the soaps out thoroughly). Clean up is nothing when all you need to do is rinse this baby under the faucet to remove access hairs then let dry.

Q & A

Panasonic ES2216 Top Questions & Answers

  • What's the charging process like?

Like the previous shaver it takes a whopping 12 hours to charge this shaver...that's almost like the equivalent of 6 Lifetime movies you will need to watch until this shaver is ready to use. Crazy long.

With that looooong charging process you get 20 minutes. If you break it down that leaves you with 2 min per 1 shave totaling to 10 shaves. If you need more than 2 minutes we can reduce the amount of shaves down to 5 and that gives you 4 min per 1 shave. That doesn't sound like a lot, huh? Just when you're in the shower pretend you're auditioning for a job in the Nascar pit stop.

  • Are there any tips for getting the closest shave from this shaver?

Yeah, when using the shaver wet use gels or soaps--the shaver's closeness is pretty close to that of a regular razor without looking like you got beat up by some poison oak.

  • Is this shaver safe to travel with?

Well it doesn't come with a fancy travelers case/pouch but it does come with a nifty plastic cap/guard!! (Yes, that was me being snarky, again.) I'd suggest you store it in a makeup pouch that's not being used.


BRAUN Silk Epil (LS 5160WD) Lady Shaver

This lady shaver brought to you by Braun is nothing compared to what you will find on the men's line but it does come with an exfoliation attachment--it will revitalize your legs as you shave.

Not only does it come with an exfoliation attachment there are two more attachments in store for you. An OptiShave that works with your shaver to give you a comfortable and close shave whether that's in or out of the shower. Also there's a bikini trimmer with this baby. You can remove unwanted hairs while shaping "down there" safely.

The rounded head on this shaver makes shaving your underarms a breeze as it contours to your body.

Unfortunately, this shave is not rechargeable, yup, battery operated. (2 AA) However, you could buy rechargeable batteries so it doesn't end up costing you a fortune to renew your batteries.

Q & A

BRAUN Silk Epil Top Questions & Answers

  • Can I use soaps and gels with the shaver like I can with the Panasonic brands?

Not recommended on this shaver. Simply because this shaver is built with OptiShave feature that provides a close shave and an EasyGlide cushion that helps with skin irritation so soap and lathers aren't really necessary.

  • How does this shaver work for the armpit?

It works really well since it uses a rounded tip just remember to raise your arm up to the point where your underarm is stretched/taut and you will do fine.


There you have it ladies (and hubby's if reading along), your list to some of the better ladies electric shaver's on the market at the moment. I'm sorry there wasn't much more to offer you as the list seems pretty bleak especially so when you compare the findings for men's shaver's. I also noticed there aren't any fancy charging stations nor are there cleaning stations--yet alone travel protection.

Maybe this is something that Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington electric shavers are aware of and are working on something a lot better as we speak. Until then, there's always--you know--borrowing your hubby's cool electric shavers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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