The Best of Panasonic Electric Shavers for 2017 is Here

The way Panasonic is heading you will find that you will just have to stamp the shaver over your face and in one quick fell swoop one cheek will be completely shaved. I mean, 5 blades? First it was 3 blades with their Arc 3 then 4 blades with their arc 4 now 5 blades with their arc 5. What's next? Could we be possibly shaving with a 9 blade? Ha!

Their shavers may be on the pricey side but think about what you're getting for just a sec. The world's fastest linear motor for one, offering up 14,000 cpm on the arc 5 and on the arc 4--that's some serious cutting if you ask me. Panasonic wants to keep their shavers up to speed when it comes to modern technology and their latest models prove just that. Check them out below.

Panasonic Arc 3

panasonic arc 3 reviews and ratingsThe Arc 3 seems like a "blast from the past" when it's baby brothers are shadowing over it like a tree, but don't let the boring older brother stigma deter you from owning this underrated shaver. It is only 1,000 cpm's less than the "must have" arc 4 and 5 models and missing a blade or two but for the cost, heck yeah, it's still a fighting contender. Gives a great, smooth shave without irritation and without the chi ching factor.


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Panasonic Arc 4

panasonic arc 4 reviews and ratings explainedEven though Panasonic came out with a 5th blade (which is awesome) it may still be too intense for some people and that's why the arc 4 still kicks major hairs (not kick butt--I said hairs, not a typo, ha) because sometimes "less is more" and 4 blades will totally suffice in this case. The arc 4 also embodies the same 14,000 cpm and since Panasonic came out with its newest addition that makes the arc 4 a lot cheaper than it once was--added bonus


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Panasonic Arc 5

Learn all about panasonics arc 5 electric shaver hereWith its impressive 5th blade cutting system the Arc 5 is Panasonic's secret weapon. Having the fastest linear motor is not enough for this innovative shaver they added a 5th blade making this baby their fastest and most efficient shaver, yet!! Great shaver for the thicker bearded dudes and for those suffering with sensitive skin. You've gotta (Read more here) to fully see how much awesomeness this amazing shaver embodies.


Last Updated: 1/3/2017

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