Panasonic Arc 3 — The Best Mid Range Foil Shaver

Panasonic arc 3 review and ratings
Last updated: 1/3/2017

When you open up the packaging to your Arc 3 you will hold in your hand a classic. I call it a classic because without its fine ingenuity and strong, durable construction the newer models Arc 4 and Arc 5 would fail to exist. So don't feel bad for the Arc 3 for missing a blade or two, or that it's a mere 1,000 cpm slower--it's a kick butt shaver! Just keep on reading our Panasonic Arc 3 review and you be the judge..

Not only are you getting the original Arc but you're saving a lot of money since its cost has been slashed big time. Every time a newer model comes out the older gets cheaper--the thing is, though, the quality isn't cheap. This shaver will continue to be a fighting contender to it's siblings. Here's why.



Why Panasonic Arc 3 is the Best in the $100 Range

It may be an older model but its incredibly fast motor is better than other Manufacturer's newer models, so it may not be Panasonic's current golden boy but it beats everyone else's "golden boy" by far. Moreover, more thought went into this shaver will shave versus concentrating on extra features that some people don't even use or need. Don't expect any bonus's on this shaver just expect a terrific shave.

I will say, however, is that I don't foresee men with thicker beards getting a good shave from this shaver. Since it only has 3 blades it will be especially hard for 3-4 day growth because that is when it starts to feel a bit uncomfortable when shaving. The extra 1,000 cpm would come in handy for the very thick hair types.

Save Time And Shave in The Shower

You can also enjoy shaving in the shower with this bad boy and not only that, but to clean it in the shower, too, no muss no fuss! Simply pop the foil head and turn on the sonic vibration and run it under your running shower (or over the sink if dry shaving) and watch it do its thing.

Just like the newer Panasonic models this one too has the pivoting head that moves forwards and backwards, side to side dealing with any contour it faces.

Now I know I said this shaver didn't have any special features but It does come with a 10-stage LCD readout that will display in 10% increments how much power your charge still has and also when your charge has fully completed the charging process--not a spectacular "special feature" but worth mentioning.


What’s the difference between the Arc 3 series and the Arc 4?

The first obvious reason is the price— the Arc 4 is more expensive. Second, the motor on the Arc 4 is a bit stronger and with that brings a better shave on thick beards.

  • How is this shaver for traveling, like protection?

It comes with a pouch to store the shaver and a hard plastic cover to shield the delicate blades. It also comes with a lock head, so that the shaver will not turn on when bouncing around your suitcase.

  • Can this shaver be used to groom elsewhere?

If elsewhere is meaning the neck and back? Of course, but I would hesitate shaving the bits below the belt if you know what I mean. 😉

  • How often do you need to replace the blades if you're using in on a daily basis?

The foil once a year with heavy usage and the heads after every two years. Now this is based on whether or not you're keeping up with the cleaning maintenance etc., keep that baby free of build up hair debris and oil it every so often and you're good to go.

What's My Final Verdict

There you have it folks, don't let the missing blades deter you from getting the original Arc. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for those with dense beards or if you've gone 3-4 days without shaving. If you have a short beard and use it daily you will not be disappointed with the Arc 3. Not only that, but you can spend the money you save on your wife instead. 🙂 *The wife made me say that.



Panasonic Arc 3 ES-LT41-K


Overall Design


Close Shave


Battery Life



  • Shave Wet or Dry
  • 3 Cutting Blades
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Affordable
  • Quite


  • Can't shave while charging
  • Not great on thicker beards

Last Updated:6/11/2017

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