Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 Review — Is it Hype?

If you're looking for the best possible shave without irratation, the Panasonic ES-LV81-K is the perfect razor for you. This cordless shaver comes with a separate charging and cleaning system and a traditional foil style head.
Last Updated: 1/3/2017
When Panasonic introduced us to the Arc 5 they weren't messing around. They brought their boxing gloves and were not going to sit on the sidelines allowing Braun and Philips to reign in all the glory, alone. Forget that. That's why they added a 5th blade and are still holding on to the first linear motor.

Since you're working with 5 blades this means fewer strokes it will take to get the job done and you won't be left all scarred and tore up. Gotta thick beard? Not a problem, this baby is so fast and efficient you may even find yourself testing it on 3 day old beards for sh!ts and giggles.



The panasonic arc 5 comes with a 5 blade system, hence the name -- arc 5How does it compare to the Arc 4 aside from the extra blade?

Well, the Arc 5 embodies a new whole component to it's design, which is the Lift Tech Foil that destroys any flat-lying hairs a regular shaver would miss without going over the same spot multiple times. Other than that new addition the arc 4 and 5 are pretty similar aside from the extra efficiency the 5th blade offers.



Cleaning the panasonic arc 5 is a breeze with its new cleaning stationThere are two variations of the Arc 5 can you tell me the difference?

Certainly, the Arc 5 ES-LV81-K (the model we are currently reviewing on this page) has an Auto Cleaning Station and Charging Station, whereas, the ES-LV-61-A does not have one--you clean this model manually.




Let's talk more about this cool shaver. For starters it is a wet/dry and uses hypoallergenic material, which totally rocks because you need extra protection when you are dealing with a faster, more aggressive shaver--less irritation sounds frigging awesome!

The 30-degree stainless steel NanoTech blades and the newest component, Lift-Tech outer foils, kicks butt in terms of efficiency and precision. The Arc 5 glides all over the contours of your face thanks to its Multi-Flex pivoting head giving your skin the closest contact.

Let's not forget also that because it cuts at 14,000 cpm you can say buh-bye to that irritating hair tugging thanks to how fast this shaver cuts. You're pretty much getting a high-end shaver with this baby.

Q & A

It's time for more Panasonic Arc 5 Q&A's

  • I currently own the Arc 4 and it's still running great, but now I'm curious about upgrading to the Arc 5...

If your current shaver is working great, why waste the money? Get the most out of the Arc 4 and by the time it starts wearing and tearing the Arc 5 will be helluva lot cheaper.

  • If I don't want to bring the bulky cleaning/charging station how will I be able to charge it during my travels?

The cord that you use to charge and clean your shaver can be inserted directly into your shaver and charge. You don't have to bring the charging station and after you're done shaving just rinse under warm water. No harm done if you don't use the correct cleaning station when traveling.

  • How does this shaver do when working with a...ah "double chin" if you will?

Just fine and dandy. Simply stretch the skin on the neck and shave--Bada bing bada boom.

  • How much pressure should I apply for the best shave, possible?

Here we have the Goldilocks complex because you don't want to apply too much pressure but you also don't want to barely push down--right in the middle is juuuuust riiiight. Medium pressure. Also, a bunch of people have mentioned that preshave lotion works great when they want the closest shave.

  • I know almost every shaver comes in a wet/dry function but I always hear that the best results come from a dry shave, how does the Arc 5 wet shave pan out?

It works pretty good in the shower. Plenty of positive reviews are going in both directions as far as #TeamDry and #TeamWet goes, ha!

  • Will this shaver cause noise pollution for my family while I get ready for work hours before they wake up?

This shaver is quiet. It will have the normal electronic type noise but nothing irritating or that should wake up a household unless they all have the ears of parents waiting for their child to sneak in passed curfew--lame joke, but still you get what I mean. ๐Ÿ™‚


Last Updated:6/11/2017

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