The Best of Philps Electric Shavers for 2017 is Here

When you're good, you're good plain and simple. That's what the makers of Philips said just before they busted out doing "The Carlton Dance" when they heard people saying that they were the king of the rotary shavers. (If you don't know that reference then the 90's were a sad time for you, ha--kidding--maaaaybe.)

Their SensoTouch line and the advent of the GyroFlex keeps this brand in the top where they will be for a looong time and let's not forget it's newest member of the Philip's family the 9700, which is already sparking a lot of positive reviews after it's revealing. Read more about Philips Norelco below.

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

Discover the best of philips norelco senstouch 3d with our exclusive reviewWant the best rotary? Here's the best rotary. Pretty direct, I know, but no reason to beat around the bush. When you don't want a foil shaver this is where the line begins to find an efficient, comfortable and long lasting rotary shaver. Philips knows rotaries like Lucy Ricardo knows "Vitameatavegamen." You can't talk about the best without mentioning the 1250x/42 SensoTouch and the other variants to this series.


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Norelco SensoTouch 2D

Learn all about the exciting electric shaver by philps norelco - the sensotouch 2d reviewWhen money gets tight it's good to know that their are brands out there made to make you feel like your personal needs weren't ignored all because you couldn't afford to spend more. Here's where 1160x SensoTouch 2D comes in. Now it's not dirt cheap but compared to the other shavers in the mid 300's a shaver that cost a little over 100 with the same quality sounds fair to me. This shaver also includes the GyroFlex motion that moves all over your face like there's 3 sets of hands massaging it--yes, an extreme exaggeration on my part.


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Philips Norelco AT830 PowerTouch

Philips norelco at830 review is here and see what we think about it...Even though Philips has a lot of top of the line shavers they do carry some that just aren't that great in comparison to the others, naturally. They wouldn't be a great shaver manufacturer if they didn't at least have one that is sub-par and when I say sub-par it's not necessarily a bad thing. It means, it's great for the beginners. Doesn't come with the features associated with the 2D/3D models but it does shave pretty well for how much it cost--which is a good thing for the novice that wants to learn their needs and wants without spending a lot testing out different kinds of shavers.

With its AquaTech seal you can shave in the shower or simply dry shave along with its dual precision system that can cut both short and long hairs keeps the AT830 a favorite with the frugal and newbie, folk.


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Last Updated: 1/3/2017

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