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Last Updated: 1/3/2017

The Philips Norelco AT830 (PowerTouch series model) is lacking extra features that really spice up the morning routine but it gives an excellent shave. I think the reason behind this is that the manufacturer's paid more attention to the shaving mechanism than they did to adding bells and whistles to a shaver. You will miss having a battery gauge though because that is very convenient in keeping you updated on how much charge is left when you are wanting to leave the house to shave in your car where a convenient 3-minute quick charge will become a traffic lifesaver. It does have a battery light indicator that will flash once the battery is about to run out.


Being a mid-range model you can expect quality close to that of high-end electric shaver with the cost that match middle range shavers. Also since it is an Aqua shaver you can be happy to learn it is entirely waterproof while showering and using products like foams and gels.

The contoured grip will feel really comfortable in your hand and will not feel like it was made of cheap materials.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver -- What's to love?

Wet vs. Dry

If you do a test on your face where one side is wet and one side is dry you will quickly know which way is best for your own personal use. With that said, I feel that the wet version works extremely well and the dry version you can feel slight tugging of the hairs from the Lift&Cut technology where it will lift hair follicles and cut closely at your skins base. The tugging isn't to the extreme to where it should be considered uncomfortable but it is there and it will be noticed.

While shaving wet is the better choice in my experience I did have some trouble with the chin area even though this shaver is mostly known for having excellent pivoting heads--it's a case of your mileage may vary and I was probably the bonehead not doing something right because many consumers love how this shaver can achieve a close shave in the toughest to manage areas. Call me shaving challenged. ๐Ÿ™‚

*Shaving tip: If you do experience the same problem I had reaching hard to manage areas then use a little extra gel (not foam) on the problem area

How's The Battery Life?

It will take a full one hour to charge the shaver's battery which will result in 50-minutes worth of shaving time. There is a 3-minute quick charge if 50-minutes will not suffice. You will love the fact that this battery is not of NiCad but is lithium-ion. When using a shaver with lithium-ion you can trust that the 50-minutes shave time the manufacturer states is accurate. Another great reason for having the lithium-ion battery versus the NiCad is the saying goodbye to the untrustworthy memory effect that these NiCad batteries have--especially if you didn't give all the battery to fully charge for the recommended allotted time frame.

Easy Clean up

To increase the quality of your shave you need to do more than make sure you rid the shaver of access hair. If you look really closely you can spot residue and hair debris on the blades that will hurt the quality of your shave over time. You can clean this shaver while you take a shower, simply pop the top off and run the waterproof shaver under the running water especially if you do use gels or foams because these products swallow the hairs and stick to the underside of the blade ruining your chances for a close shave.

You will also want to lubricate the blades every so often (maybe every few weeks) to keep the blades from getting dull prematurely.


Commonly asked questions about Philips Norelco Electric shaver:

Q - Is this shaver loud? As I live with light sleepers.

A - Pretty darn quiet if you ask me

Q - I have a lot of acne is this shaver a good choice for me?

A - Yes. It will be gentle on your face and leave little to no skin irritation

Q - I know it says 50-minutes of continuous use, but on average how many shaves can you estimate I will get out of this shaver?

A - This will greatly depend on the size of the beard you are shaving and if you have coarse hair or not. With all that said I do believe you can expect to get 4-5 shaves out of one full charge.

My final thoughts:

Excellent shaver!

For an affordable price and an excellent shave you can't go wrong with this shaver. It is without some beloved features other shavers have but you will soon grow to not care because of how nice everything else this shaver has to offer provides. Novices and the seasoned shavers will not be disappointed if they purchase the Philips Norelco AT830. I do recommend this shaver. Enjoy and tell your friends about us.


In other Philips Norelco News:

Philips Norelco at830


Overall Design


Close Shave


Battery Life



  • Mid Cost Range
  • Multi-flex head
  • Wet/Dry Shave

Last Updated:6/11/2017

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