The Best of Remington Electric Shavers for 2017

You won't see Remington shaver's on the high-end shelves but for the cost of their shavers they sound pretty darn good when you're trying to figure out if you should spend less on your shaver to have more money in the bank while still getting a great shave--win/win.

The quality of their shavers are what really keeps them in the game it's the lack of special features that keep ostentatious people from buying their products. Now if you're reading that thinking I've insulted you "this person thinks I'm ostentatious because I like my shaver to have extra perks that fit my personal needs?" please don't see it that way. More geared towards the people that will buy a flashy "outrageously expensive" car without so much as popping the hood to see the engineering involved but buying it solely on the cool sound system it has or how the ignition turns on before you get into the car with just a push of a button on your car key--not geared towards the people that really could benefit from having that added feature that most expensive shavers have, right? If you want to use the features, great, if you just want them to show off how much money you spend, wrong. Let Remington be more than an afterthought. Read more about Remington shavers down below.


Remington FR-730

Check out our exclusive remington fr 730 review Let's go over a couple things. Are you an electric shaving newbster? This shaver is perfect for you. Are you apart of the short bearded community? Great, this shaver is for you. Basically, this shaver is terrific if it's your first shaver and/ or you don't have much of a beard to maintain. Why would you want to spend so much more money or the top rated shavers when you only need the basics? This shaver is affordable and does what a shaver needs to do--it shaves. A great starter-shaver if you will. Don't expect Go-Go Gadget to pop out of this baby holding a shiny blade. It's boring but sensible.


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Remington XR1370

read our detailed remington xr 1370 review and ratingsThis is when Remington stands up and says "Remember me? Yeah, I'm that guy with the sub-par shavers...I reinvented myself, check me out!" Then you discover their XR1370 Hyper series model and say "Oh yeah...Remington, I remember them." Because for sometime now Remington just wasn't getting the mindset of their potential customers until now.

Remington is back with their newly ergonomically designed grip and its innovative HyperFlex addition that molds to the contours of your face with the utmost comfort you can ask for making this shaver Remington's "comeback" shaver.


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Last Updated: 1/3/2017

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