Remington FR-730 – Decent low cost foil shaver

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The Remington FR-730 is not the best electric shaver for men that Remington has produced but for its affordable price it deserves a spot on our reviews site. Built with two blades and an integrated trimmer in the center the pivoting head will shave from side to side and from back to forth comfortably on your face.


This electric shaver doesn't come with a lot of frills and thrills but it does have a battery gauge that some of the leading shavers have. You get what you asked for, which is a nice smooth shave at a price that can't be beat. There is something to brag about with this foil shaver is that you won't have to feel the heat being emitted while you shave which is something that can cause a rash or much discomfort while you shave.

What's there to like about the Remington Electric Shaver?

The Remington FR-730 does come with a tiny brush to sweep away hair stubble but doesn't come with a high tech cleaning station that other shavers have that make them so popular, but those cleaning stations are a bit overrated plus the refill cartridges can put a small (still noticeable) dent in your piggy bank that is not full to begin with. The maintenance is so low it only needs for you to rinse the shaver under the faucet along with the tiny brush or pop off the foil head run it under water let air dry pieced apart on a fresh towel placed somewhere safe and simply pop back on.

The pop-up trimmer included with this shaver is great for shaping mustaches and trimming your sideburns with more precision.

The foil shaver is made of a lot of plastic and not engineered to last a great while but the most important part of the shaver is made only with the finest surgical steel. It looks slightly cheap but when holding it the shaver does feel strong and high in quality. You will enjoy its 3 stage cutting system with the two flexing steel foils that delivers a close shave.

If you have sensitive skin or need to repeat some spots on your face you will like that this shaver is irritation free and you will be left with a soft baby smooth face at a fraction of the cost of its leading competitors.

It is best to shave in circular motions with this shaver to achieve the most desired results possible. It may not give you the closest of all shavers out there but it will be an enjoyable shave nonetheless.


Remington FR 730 Features:

  • 2 surgical steel foils
  • full-flex technology allowing the shaver to pivot side-to-side and backward-to-forward with ease
  • Hairs growing in different directions have met its match with this shaver as it shaves in 6 different directions in an innovative multi-pattern design
  • Battery gauge keeping updated on the life of your charge and charges fully in 60 minutes lasting up to 10 days

Commonly asked questions about Remington electric foil shavers:

Q - Does this shaver have a dual voltage?

A - No! You will need to use an adapter for dual voltage

Q - How often should the foil heads/cutters be replaced?

A - You should change them every 6 months or so if you use the shaver on a daily basis


The cord for this shaver is kind of on the small side being 24 inches long and if you stretch to its fullest capacity you can inch out an additional 12 inches.

Even with hair that isn't coarse you may have to shave over the same spots 2-3 times.


You can use this shaver while it is plugged it something that many popular shavers are without. Mainly because of the shavers with the wet/dry feature.

The Verdict

Now I know you're getting a great price for a shaver that does its job, however, if you've had better shavers and then purchase this foil shaver you will experience a quality shock. You will be greatly disappointed if you've had better (like going from fine wine to cheap beer) and if you're an electric shaving novice trying to find out what skin type you are or what feels better a rotary or a foil then you will love this shaver and its affordability (21 year old's love beer more than fine wine ๐Ÿ™‚ ) because if you find you don't like the shaver or using foils then you didn't waste too much money and you may move on to greener grass -- keep on reading our electric shaver reviews for men.


In other Remington Shaver News:


Remington FR 730


Overall Design


Close Shave


Battery Life



  • Low Cost
  • Multi-flex head
  • Long lasting battery


  • Not a close shave
  • Low quality build

Last Updated:6/11/2017

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