Remington XR1370 Hyper Series Review — Just Hype?

Remington XR1370 Review -- is it worth the price tag?

Remington finally steps out from the back of the line and heads straight to the front where its predecessors have been standing comfortably for a while basking in all that is great in terms of the three C's, which are customer satisfaction, customer recognition and most importantly customer loyalty.

The Hyper Series rotary shaver is cordless and consist of three floating heads that float around your face cutting all the hairs. Its hyper flex technology works interchangeably with this series Twin Track Precision Plus so while the twin track is doing the cutting the hyper flex follows the contours of your face--great teamwork! ๐Ÿ™‚


The unique cutters on this bad boy will keep the shaver in contact with the skin on your face, neck and chin, which will reduce irritation making it a more comfortable shave. Also, don't worry about short stubble and long hairs because the heads consist of slots and holes of different sizes that will cut those hairs effortlessly.

Seeing how this shaver can be used both wet and dry it is important to share that this shaver has an amazing ergonomic grip--it's rubberized on the length of the shaver leaving the chance of slippage the least of your concerns. This shaver works quite well in the shower but if you want an even better shave then try using a small amount of gel as this will give you an even closer shave than without.


Q & A

Remington XR1370 Top Electric Shaver Questions Answered

  • I know that this shaver is cordless but can it shave while it's being charged?

I know a lot of cordless shavers allow for you to charge while your charger is being charged, unfortunately, that's not the same for the XR1370 series. It has to be fully charged before you can use it. It does give 60 minutes of shave time so I'm not sure if this will really be an issue.

It also has and LCD-read out letting you know when it's about that time to juice it back up.

  • Can this shaver be used on my wife's legs?

First time a husband wants to share his shaver, but to answer your question, why yes it does appease to the womanly leg such as your wife's. ๐Ÿ™‚

*Bonus Tip - Let your wife know to still use soap or whatever she uses and rinse after each use.

  • Any trimmers?

It does have a pop up trimmer named the "Comfort-Trim Detailer" but it's tiny. It does a great job on trimming hairs around the back of your neck and ears plus does a nice job on the mustache.

  • I'm used to using a foil shaver but want to try a rotary. Can you tell me the difference between the two?

When you look at a rotary shaver you will see three circular cutters attached, which are three triangular formed floating blades. In order to achieve the best shave the rotary shaver has to offer you must shave in circular motions while moving slowly over you face.

Now we have a foil head, you will find a series of knives under the rectangular metallic foil that is common with Braun shavers. The knives are designed to lift the hairs up in order to get cut by the vibrating knives. To shave your face is opposite from a rotary, remember how I said the rotary has you shaving in circular motions? Well with a foil head you take long straight movements.

What's my Final Verdict...

There you have it. Remington's "comeback" kid the XR1370 hyper series. It may not be better than what Braun and Philips have to offer but for it's affordable price this shaver is pretty cool. I will ignore the missing features that I would get with Braun and Philips to save some cash.


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Last Updated:6/11/2017

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